East Down Combine Pigeon Racing Rules

1. That the organisation be called the EAST DOWN COMBINE OF HOMING PIGEON SOCIETIES and all affiliated clubs and members must be situated within the agreed Combine Radius.

2. That the Headquarters of the Combine be situated in Crossgar, Co. Down.

3. That the Combine be affiliated to and governed by the rules of the Irish Homing Union.

4. That the Combine be a non-profit making organisation.

5. That the entire management of the East Down Combine be invested in the Officials and the Committee who will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and will be referred to as the General Committee.

6. That the General Committee reserve the right to accept or reject any new application for Membership. All new members name/s must be forwarded to the Combine Secretary for approval and ratified at the Annual Delegates Meeting.

7. That the general Committee reserve the right to send representatives to oversee race marking, clock setting, or any other procedure they wish to observe at affiliated clubs.

8. That any club wishing to join the East Down Combine must have at least 8 racing members and agree to remain in the Combine for a period of at least 3 years. The General Committee reserve the right to recommend to the Annual General Meeting the rejection/expulsion of any club not competing with or intending to compete with the East Down Combine on a regular basis.

9. That the two East Down Combine Delegates from each affiliated Combine Club will form an Emergency Committee to be summoned at short notice.

10. That the General Committee in extreme circumstances have the authority to amend the Race Programme and the members to be notified at any given time through their Club Secretary and Pigeon Line.

11. That in the situation of adverse weather conditions and after the pigeons have been 4 nights in the crates the General Committee has the authority to move the transporter to a more favorable race point or alternatively bring the pigeons home. Club Secretaries will be informed and Pigeon Line updated.

12. That as the Combine is a Combine of Societies all propositions for the Annual General Meeting must be submitted by the Society and the proposers must be in attendance at the Annual General Meeting. No individual can submit a proposition for the Annual General Meeting.

13. That the Annual General Meeting of the East Down Combine will be held on the 2nd Saturday in January @ 2.00 p.m. unless circumstances determine otherwise. All members to be notified.

14. That no East Down Combine Club shall accept or retain any member except by permission of the Combine.

15. That any affiliated members name/s must be that of the said individual/s and no loft or stud name shall be accepted for racing or otherwise.

16. That the members shall at the Annual General Meeting elect from the members present a President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, General Committee, Press Officers, IHU Delegates, Auditors and Race Controllers. In the case of the paid officials only those individuals who have been interviewed and recommended by the General Committee can have their name put forward for approval.

17. The Chairman may accept for discussion at any meeting matters raised by the members that do not relate to motions before the meeting. In relation to those matters the Chairman’s decision is final.

18. That membership of the East Down Combine can only be accepted through an Affiliated Club. No applications for individual membership will be accepted.

19. That Clubs wishing to resign from the East Down Combine must do so in writing on or before the 3rd Saturday in November. Failure to comply with this will result in the Club being liable for club subscription plus all members’ fees as agreed at the previous Annual General Meeting.

20. That the General Committee of the East Down Combine is empowered to set birdage and fees on an annual basis, and to impose levies when it is deemed necessary.

21. When race marking birds for races at least five individual members must be present before such race marking can commence (a partnership equals one member).

22. To compete for Combine honours a Club must have at least five individual Competing Members in any given race (a partnership equals one member).

23. In old bird club races, all derby and classic races members’ birds must be spread as evenly as possible over the crates. In young bird club races it is permitted for members to buy their own crate provided they can fill the crate with the required number of birds as laid down by the East Down Combine.

24. Any alterations to the East Down Combine radius or section boundaries must be approved by the East Down Combine General Committee and passed at the East Down Combine Annual General Meeting.



1. That all members must time in their birds by means of an automatic timing clock or Electronic Timing System. The committee of the IHU shall approve all types of timing clocks or Electronic Timing Systems for use. Two methods of timing are not permitted in any race. Approved Electronic Timing Systems: Unikon, Bricon, Mega, Tauris, Tipes UK, Benzing, Victroy using the protocol Universe 1.7.

2. That all clocks must be three way tested annually in accordance with the IHU rule 65, (upright in box-flat face down- flat face up), records of the test must be kept and a copy to be forwarded to the East Down Combine Secretary prior to the commencement of racing each year. This also applies to T3 clocks. All Electronic Timing Systems must be registered with the East Down Combine.

3. The 3-way test certificate must be issued annually for clocks, which have been successfully tested. Under no circumstances must a certificate be issued to a clock, which has failed the test.

4. All East Down Combine Clubs must keep a clock/Electronic Timing System record book; in which clock details and signed Electronic Timing System printouts will be entered on a weekly basis during the racing season. The clock/Electronic Timing System record book must be made available to the East Down Combine General Committee if requested. All signed Electronic Timing System printouts must be retained by the club until the following AGM.

5. No member shall be allowed to set or strike off his or her own clock or Electronic Timing System.

6. In all Derby and Classis races clocks/Electronic Timing Systems must be returned to their respective Centre’s within the time stated on the entry form, for any such race unless otherwise determined by the General Committee. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in disqualification.

7. Should a clock have varied at more than a rate of five seconds per hour, a fast clock will be regarded as correct a slow clock shall have double the proportionate lost time added. Should member’s clocks stop through not being properly wound up or set, the said member shall have his entry fee and pools monies returned in full. Any Electronic Timing System clock that varies by 3 second or more per day must be returned to the manufacturer for testing. Any pigeons recorded on this clock will not be accepted for inclusion in the race result until the manufacturers test report has been seen.

8. Toulet clocks require a locking puncture, which will be recorded on the top of the verification card, and one further puncture when setting.

9. Were required shuttles must be used in clocks no limit on rings contained. Rubber race rings can be directly inserted into all conventional timing clocks, no limit per chamber, provided they have been modified and modifications have IHU approval.

10. All master timers must be set via Speaking Clock for all races before any clocks can be set, the same conditions apply to the run off. Clock officials must also ensure that they cross check with their nominated club before any clocks are run-off. For ETS at race marking and run-off a time signal must be obtained. ETS set by Radio Clock shall be deemed correct. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

11. Any member submitting a cheque for the entry of any race without sufficient fund to cover it will be deemed as not having entered the said race. The said member will meet all cost incurred. The General Committee will discipline habitual offenders.

12. After timing in competor’s must complete their verification card in full. In the case of a genuine mistake no member shall be disqualified. Verification cards must accompany clock or Electronic Timing System when handed in for checking.

13. The East Down Combine reserve the right to test for drugs or any other illegal performance enhancing substance on any pigeon competing in any race organized by the East Down Combine. Any member or nominee refusing or impeding the collection of samples will be reported and disciplined. Authorised officials will remove droppings for testing and place in containers in the presence of their owner or nominee. The testing will be carried out at a time and place decided by the officials. Two samples will be taken A & B for the test. Container B will be retained by the nominated testing laboratory at the required temperature. Both containers will be labelled and sealed in the presence of the owner or nominee. Should the result prove positive notification to the owner would be by recorded delivery. Within five working days following receipt of the notification the owner or nominee can demand also by recorded delivery a further test on the B sample held at the laboratory. Should the owner not request the B sample test the first test will be considered final and there will be no appeal.

14. If in any race a members winning bird is more and 100yds ahead of the next members first bird timed, the General Committee will meet as soon as practical to review the conditions on the day of the race, and any problems encountered. The General Committee having reviewed all the evidence at their disposal will decide whether the bird in question and/or the member should be disqualified from the race. If any member disagrees with the decision of the general committee, they can lodge an appeal through the secretary of the East Down Combine.

15. No EDC member shall be permitted to race mark his/her own birds. While electronic race registration is taking place, apart from the officials engaged in the registration, to ensure security all other persons must remain at least 1 metre from the Club system. No person may act as an official while his or her own birds are being recorded.

16. That all East Down Combine crates must carry a label stating club name, sex of birds in crate, and number of birds in crate.

17. That all East Down Combine crates must be secured with three numbered metal seals.

18. That duplicates must be handed to the driver on collection of crates on race marking night.

19. That race rubbers must be posted immediately after the completion of clock checking on race day.

20. That race results must be with the combine secretary not later than the Saturday following any race.

21. That members must ensure that before competing in any race or show all rings are registered in their name and pigeons bearing these rings have been vaccinated in accordance with the Department of Agriculture and Rural development directive.

22. Those members claiming awards must do so not later than the stipulated date issued by the East Down Combine secretary. It is the responsibility of the claimants to ensure their Club Secretary submits the claim.

23. That all East Down Combine members are pinpointed with the Global Positioning System and the measurement calculated by the IHU.

24. That all Combine races close at midnight on the day of liberation. In the event of any club have no birds timed in race time they have the right to make it a two day race for club positions only. In derby and classic races the duration of the race is as stated on the entry form.

25. That any member can appeal against any decision of their affiliated club to the East Down Combine provided they do so in writing within 14 days of notification from their club. A deposit of £10 must be submitted with any appeal, refundable if the appeal is successful. This procedure also applies to any appeal against the East Down Combine.

26. The General Committee of the East Down Combine are empowered to stamp, re-ring or otherwise mark any bird, or take any other necessary action to ensure all is in order.

27. Objections to any Combine result must be lodged in writing within seven days of publication in the press.

28. All East Down Combine members must submit a vaccination sheet signed by two officials to their parent East Down Combine club before competing in any East Down Combine race as per DARD regulations. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary action.

29. All IHU rules relating to the Electronic Timing System are applicable to the East Down Combine.

30. The East Down Combine General Committee reserve the right to introduce rules relating to the Electronic Timing System as they deem necessary. Any said rules shall be endorsed at the following East Down Combine AGM.

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