2nd December 2021

        At this time of the year the Ballylesson club normally hold a series of shows but this year this has had to be curtailed so the club only held two shows the first of these was their open show and were delighted to have a very special judge ,young Zack Brown from Annalong who races in partnership with his Grandad John Trimble  and who along with Zack’s great uncle Pat watched Zack do a really great job of judging and it is great to see a young man getting involved ,more like him and the sport has a future . The results of the various classes were :

Any Age Cock T/W

1st  Mackey & Lockhart ,2nd  C & D Smyth & sons 3rd     J Patterson 
4th  Myles ,Kincaid, McCann &Auld (Res.) C & D Smyth& sons 
(VHC )J Patterson (HC)   B Morrison (C )   C & D Smyth & sons

Any Age Cock Handled 

1st C & D Smyth & sons , 2nd Myles ,Kincaid, McCann &Auld 
3rd  Mackey & Lockhart ,4th  M Foulis ,(Res). C & D Smyth& sons 
(VHC) B Morrison ,(HC )  Gillespie Bros,(C ) S Dempsey

Any Age Hen T/W 

1st Mackey & Lockhart , 2nd C & D Smyth & sons ,3rd  Myles ,Kincaid, McCann &Auld ,4th J Patterson ,(Res). S Dempsey,(VHC)  M Foulis ,(HC ) B Morrison ,
(C ) M Foulis 

Any Age Hen Handled 

1st M Foulis ,2nd C & D Smyth & sons ,3rd Myles ,Kincaid, McCann &Auld 
4th J Patterson ,(Res ).S Dempsey, (VHC) M Foulis ,(HC) B Morrison ,(C ) M Foulis 


Coloured T/W 

1st  R Trimble ,2nd R Trimble ,3rd Gillespie Bros,4th  R Trimble ,(Res.) R Trimble 
(VHC) Smyth & Baillie (HC)  R Trimble (C )    R Trimble 

Coloured Handled 

1st  R Trimble ,2nd  P & C Johnston,3rd     P & C Johnston,4th  Gillespie Bros
(Res.) Gillespie Bros (VHC )R Trimble (HC)    Myles ,Kincaid, McCann &Auld
(C )  R Trimble 

Best In Show  M Foulis 

Best Opposite Sex  C & D Smyth & sons 
Best in Coloured Class R Trimble 

The Ballylesson’s club second show was judged by The Belmont club members Joe Galbraith and Bill Morrison and the cards were awarded as follows :

OLD Cocks T/W

1st J Kirk & sons ,2nd C & D Smyth & sons ,3rd J Patterson ,
4th C & D Smyth & sons ,(Res.) J Kirk & sons ,(VHC )J Kirk & sons 
(HC) J Patterson ,(C) J Patterson  

OLD Cocks  Handled 
1st C & D Smyth & sons ,2nd C & D Smyth & sons ,3rd J Kirk & sons 
4th  J Patterson ,( Res ) . J Kirk & sons ,(VHC) C & D Smyth & sons 
(HC) J Kirk & sons ,(C) C & D Smyth & sons 

Old Hens T/W

1st C & D Smyth & sons ,2nd Mackey & Lockhart,3rd J Patterson  
4th C & D Smyth & sons ,(Res.) Mackey & Lockhart,(VHC)C & D Smyth & sons 
(HC ) P & C Johnston,(C) J Kirk & sons 

Old Hens Handled 

1st C & D Smyth & sons ,2nd C & D Smyth & sons ,3rd  J Kirk & sons 
4th J Patterson  ,(Res.) J Kirk & sons ,(VHC )C & D Smyth & sons 
(HC )J Kirk & sons ,(C )  C & D Smyth & sons .
 As Christmas is fast approaching can I wish all fanciers and readers everywhere a very happy Christmas and let us hope 2022 is a Happy and healthy year for all .


Clifford Browne 




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