New 1 bird Nom for East Down 2 Bird Club

13th February 2020




    The EDC 2 Bird  club AGM was held in Crossgar  on Monday February 10th  2020 ,a night on  which  you may recall the weather was very poor and the  attendance reflected this .
     The chairman  Joe McGreevy  opened the meeting by requesting a minute’s silence for those  members who had died during the previous year . The meeting continued with Apologies being received and accepted and the minutes of the previous Year’s AGM were  then read and passed .The chairman thanked the Secretary Dorothy Smyth  for her  work  during the racing season both in her role as  Secretary and also Treasurer  and  he also thanked  the assistant Secretary Sam Duke . Dorothy Smyth was also thanked  for all her hard work in connection with the Dinner /Prize distribution which  it was felt had been  thoroughly enjoyed by all those present  and has now become an event not to miss , Dorothy was also thanked for  running the Gold Ring events so successfully  . The prize winners were congratulated and it was hoped that 2020 would be another successful season  and that the membership which in 2019 stood at  70  would continue to grow .  The club Secretaries were also thanked for their co-operation each week .The Treasurer presented  the accounts which showed the club was again  in a very  healthy financial state  and this was again  mainly due to excellent housekeeping  and especially  helped by the  events  run at the dinner 
    The next item was the election of office bearers for 2020 and It was   the unanimous decision of those present that the existing office bearers be returned en bloc which for 2020 are 

 President         Clifford Browne 
Chairman         Joe McGreevy  
V/Chairman         Colin Smyth  
Secretary /Treasurer     Mrs Dorothy Smyth  
Asst Secretary         Sam Duke 
EDC Delegates         D Smyth  & A Lockhart
IHU Delegates         C Smyth & A Lockhart 

    The very popular leagues will again be in operation  for 2020      All clubs within the Combine will receive  membership forms for the 2020 season which  secretary Dorothy Smyth  will  need returned by the date on the form to compile the various  League tables etc . Membership fees remain at £10 for the full season or £5 for Young Birds only .    
    Again for the 2020 season the club  members will have the opportunity to take part in both an Old Bird Gold ring and a  Young Bird gold ring event  where Members will nominate 5 rings of their own at a cost of £10 for each event  but nominations will only  need to be placed with the 2 bird secretary on or before the dates on the form which for Old Birds is by the 2nd OB race of the season and for young birds on or before the date on the form in early August   These  events will be held in conjunction with ,for ,Old Birds , the 6th Old Bird  club  race of the season and for Young birds the 6th young bird club race . 
    In addition to the above competitions the club is continuing the  £1 optional pool this season ,this means that members will still be able to enter  each of their 2 birds  each week in this pool at 1£ each and there  will  be 4 prizes each week with 1st 40% , 2nd 30% , 3rd 20%  & 4th 10%  . Each race will stand on it’s own with no monies being carried over .
    There should be something there for everybody and it is hoped that the club will have another  record membership this season .
                          NEW FOR 2020 

For the 2020 YB season the club is introducing a single bird Nomination which will be run as follows ;
      Before the first YB race of the 2020 season each loft within the 2bird membership will be eligible to nominate a single bird the cost will be £20 .
The ring number of this bird can not be altered and this bird will be eligible to compete in any or all of the 7 Yb club races 
The total birds entered before the first YB race at £20 each will form the total prize pot which will be equally divided over the 7 races  E.G. suppose 28 members join 28 x£20 =£560 
One prize per race is £560 /7  = £80 per race ,so the more that join the bigger the prize ,of course should your bird go missing you will not be able to nominate another . In the ee not being won the prize money for that race will be divided equally over the other races 

       It is hoped that this will generate yet more interest in this 2 bird club .


        Clifford Browne     

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